Our Aims

When the club was founded in 1973, the aims and objectives of The Hertford Company of Archers were defined as the promotion and encouragement of Archery and good fellowship amongst all archers. These aims and objectives are still the same today.

As a group we hold regular Taste of Archery courses which teach those new to archery the basics of target archery. We also offer to host archery parties for those who are looking for something more fun and less of a commitment. More details are available on this site.

We are self funded and we maintain our own outdoor facility at The Butts. As a group of people sharing a common interest we try to help and encourage each other at whatever level we choose to shoot. Some members shoot irregularly, other very regularly and in competitions. As members of the Hertfordshire Archery Association, HCA is well represented in the Summer and Winter leagues and at competitions locally, regionally and nationally. We even have a couple of members who have and do represent GB.

At the heart of everything we do is the love of the sport, whether longbow, compound or recurve and we welcome all those who share this love.

Like to Join?

If you’re interested in joining us you will either need to complete our Taste of Archery Course or already be a GNAS registered archer.

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