A different kind of archery party

one 2 one

On a fine June morning, the usual Thursday work party was interrupted for a few hours while we ran an archery party with a difference. One to One (www.one-to-one-enfield.co.uk) is a charity based in Enfield that supports people with learning difficulties. They organise regular activities and social events for their members and are always looking for something different to try out. Tony Murphy was talking to Bob Pisolkar, one of their volunteers, who is also a long-standing friend and suggested they could have a go at archery.

The group spent two hours learning how to shoot, culminating in a balloon-shooting competition. Everyone agreed that the session was great fun, despite some initial trepidation at trying out a new activity. Bob said afterwards:

“Thanks Tony for today’s archery session. Can you thank your amazing club members who also did a brilliant job to make sure we all had such a good time?

The “amazing club members” were Jeanne, Roger and Mick.

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