St George on St George’s Day

Hi Everyone,

Monday coming (23rd) is St George’s Day, id you can get the day off, come and shoot.

The rounds are:-

St George 100/80/60 yards

Albion 80/60/50 yards

Windsor 60/50/40 yards

Short Windsor 50/40/30 yards

Junior Windsor 40/30/20 yards

Short Junior Windsor 30/20/10 yards

All on an 120cm face

It’s handicapped, where possible, I’ll use you last known handicap either outdoor, Frostbite or indoors

It would be useful if you could either email me ( that you are shooting and what round you want to shoot, so that I can produce a target List.

I’ll also put this on Facebook, so you can let me know there as well.

Regards Peter

Records & Tournaments Officer

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